Learn How To Play Piano

Learn how to Play the Piano

We Can Support Your Children To Learn To Play The Piano Today!

Is it painful to learn the piano?

We don’t think it has to be!

We believe learning piano can be actually very simple, but only if you know the best path.
The common way that piano is taught is that the teacher displays the basics and then pupils are required to take their music home to study and learn. There’s nothing necessarily wrong this approach. We were all mostly taught this way, and most parents of my piano students parents were also shown to play piano in this way when they took lessons as kids.

However, there is a better way to learn. All children that attend will prepare all of their music in class. That way, when we send them home, they are practicing the way experts do things. That means practicing with few or no mistakes.
Pupils are taught all of their piano music throughout each lesson. By taking this path, they quicken their learning potential and finish their beginning books faster (typically 2x or even 3x quicker). This method is a benefit to the student. In reality, students see and appreciate that they are Great which in turn enhances their confidence!
When a student’s confidence rises, he or she doesn’t view playing the piano as just more homework. Instead, it becomes a fun activity or even a hobby(which is the best possible scenario). In the end, there is nothing more self-gratifying than to see children shine at learning the piano.
Also, most teachers do not teach in this style, which is why many piano pupils finsih there piano study after just one year. Pupils drop out when they are required to succeed, but don’t have the basic musical knowledge handed them to do so. They fit that stereotypical music student; where there parent fight for month upon months to get them to practice and in the end give up.

That doesn’t happen here! Our students are sight reading notes and rhythm with 100% efficiency within the first month which is no distortion of the truth.
We don’t believe that spoon feeding your child is the best way to teach. That is the old school of thought; we guide, we show and we let them discover and learn.
We genuinely believe that all children can discover how to play piano and produce great music. Our method is different in that we tap into what they want and help them deliver on them!
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