Welcome To The Music Booth Academy.

We Are The Number 1 Place To Go For Piano Tuition


Welcome To The Music Booth Academy – The Number 1 Place For Piano Tuition In Surrey

We are a Professional music tuition service providing Piano Lessons, serving the surronding areas of Banstead Surrey.

We are a google 5* rated service and pride ourselves on being fresh, energetic and different from the normal boring piano tuition services around and heres how we do it.


The Most important part of our service is we do not believe in a one size fits all teaching style.

Instead we will assses in the first few seesions what approach would work best for your children.

We understand that children come in all types of ability and we would rather take that little extra time to tailor our approach with your children to suit there needs.

In addition each child will learn about not only the practical elements of piano playing but also the theoretical. We do this via a host of different fun engaging worksheets and games to compliment everything they do practically. Thats something you dont get anywhere else.

We try to support you as parents as much as possible aswell by giving practice incentives via our Mozart money program.

This incentive has proven very handy for parents and children alike as they are rewarded for hardwork with Mozart coins.

Mozart coins equal prizes so that should save your the heartache of having to beg them to practice.

Go ahead and check out our 5* rating on Google and see what other people say.

Or you can contact us now via our contact us page and get your first month free.