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Welcome to The Music Booth Academy – The best piano lessons ever offered in Banstead Surrey, England!


You can now attend outstanding piano lessons from professional instructors in England!



The Music Booth Academy is England’s most refined and renowned piano academy for starters and amateurs who wish to undergo exceptional piano lessons in the United Kingdom.


Our ultimate passion is to assist starters and amateurs to turn into accomplished pianists that they have always aspired to become, and we are pleased and confident to provide you with excellent piano lessons in a conducive and comfortable environment.


The Music Booth Academy in Banstead Surrey, England, was fabricated to deliver a perfect environment for starters and amateurs. Our location does not only boast an easily accessible location within England but also has readily available routes from essential sites in Surrey. Regardless of our reachable location, our piano studio is adequately segregated to provide the much-needed silence for our students. The settings alone make The Music Booth Academy the perfect studio for outstanding piano lessons in Surrey.


With a fantastic 5-star reputation on Google reviews and continuous outstanding results, we are renowned for our success. Our enthusiastic and passionate instructors are only obsessed with the remarkable progress of our students, which they ensure continues on a consistent basis throughout each session.


We firmly believe that no one is too young to start playing the piano – that is why our doors are opened to the student as young as three years of age – the earlier, the better! Even as an amateur, you do not need any unique talent or skills, you can still develop your piano playing ability provided you are dedicated to your piano lessons & practice.


Irrespective of your position in the piano playing hierarchy, we are dedicated to creating a long-lasting impact on your piano playing skills that will promote you to the next level in the piano world.


The piano lessons are conducted in an encouraging and well-situated environment, using state-of-the-art teaching rooms that are well fortified with sophisticated, modern-day instruments. Everything has been provided in the teaching room to create a soothing piano lessons experience. You do not have to bring a personal instrument along with you as everything needed has been adequately provided.


We offer small group piano lessons for beginners to give them the chance to get acquainted with the rudimental piano skills, which the specialized instructors will take them through. We also have piano syllabuses from ABRSM and Trinity Foundations, which are classical piano curriculum.


Although we have been training people how to play the piano for the past seventeen years professionally, The Music Booth Academy was officially founded in January 2016 by Jenni Taylor, which is also our first ever studio for beginners and amateurs who are zealous to become professional pianists.


English-born musical genius, Jenni Taylor, has a Master’s Degree in Music Performance from the University of Chichester. After completing her excellent studies at this prestigious university, she continued to develop her classical piano skills through endless hours of personal training.


After being exposed to numerous piano skills, Jenni Taylor is now pledging her life and abilities through The Music Booth Academy to transfer her invaluable knowledge of the piano to beginners and amateurs. Her absolute passion and zeal for training people enthusiastic about playing the piano make her an unrivaled piano teacher amidst other proclaimed professionals out there.